Quantum Leap Success Model (QLSM)

    We are an elite consulting group dedicated to helping financial institutions and financial advisors achieve massive and sustainable growth. Most Financial Advisors fail to run their practice like a business and consequently never live up to their full potential. Even worse they find themselves trapped by the demands of their clientele and unable to lift the proverbial ceiling on their income. We help you apply our proprietary Quantum Leap Success Model to achieve massive and sustainable growth in your business. 

    Our model is different in that we approach your success on an individualized bases within the framework of our rigorous eight step process. This is not a one size fits all approach that tries to fit a square peg into a round hole. We tailor your approach to success based on your personality, strengths, weaknesses, likes and dislikes. QLSM is an 8 step process based on the science of business growth and scalability.  1.  Evaluation, 2. Diagnostics, 3.  Weakness Resolution, 4.  Business Construction, 5.  Confirmation, 6.  Business Modeling and Scaling, 7.  Execution, 8.   Accountability

    The Math That Drives Your Success

    We have taken a formulaic approach to building a repeatable business model that allows for your individual personality and preferences to shine through.  Our simple equation is made from fundamental building blocks that are necessary parts of a properly functioning business.


    ASN:Advisor Success NumberWR:Weaknes Resolution
     CIN:Client Interaction NumberBMS:Business Modeling  & Scaling
     SRN:Scale Ready NumberEX:  Execution
     QLSN:Quantum Leap Success NumberQLS:  Quantum Leap Success

    Stage 1, Evaluation

    During the evaluation phases we work to understand all aspects of your business. For example, we determine what is currently working and what isn't. What is inhibiting you from achieving your desired grow targets. What are your personal strengths and weaknesses.

    We evaluate financial advisors utilizing four main tools

    We evaluate financial advisors utilizing four main tools.

    • Myers Briggs personality profile (MBPP): We need to have a clear understanding of what makes you tick. We can't help you build a sustainable business model if it doesn't clearly aline with your personality.
    • Advisor Success Number (ASN): The ASN Questionnaire is a proprietary evaluation tool that was developed to determine your strengths and weaknesses within the art of sales and communication. By understanding your strengths and weaknesses within the sales cycle we can build a custom strategy for massive and sustainable success.
    • Client Interaction Number (CIN): The CIN is a proprietary evaluation tool used to determine the percentage of the work week that an Advisor spends doing things that aren't client facing.
    • Scale Readiness Number (SRN): The SRN is a proprietary evaluation tool used to assess an Advisors readiness to truly scales their business. Without the ability to replicate processes and scale your business, massive growth becomes extremely challenging.


    The Math behind the evaluation


    ASN + CIN + SRN = Quantum Leap Success number (QLSN) 


    Your QLSN in concert with your MBPP is the foundation from which we build your business plan.


    Stage 2, Diagnostics

    During the Diagnostics phase we take everything that we learned during the Evaluation phase, and we clearly outline your strengths, opportunities and weaknesses. Within our process we focus on accentuating your strengths and outsourcing your weakness, which helps drive your opportunities for massive growth.

    Stage 3, Weakness Resolution (WR)

    In the Weakness Resolution (WR) phase we develop an action plan to outsource your weakness through technology, systems, redirection of resources, outsourced marketing and lead generation, and sales training. We help you to stop trying to get better at your weaknesses and focus your energy on what you are really good at.

    Stage 4, Business Construction (BC)

    During the Business Construction phase we focus on three main area:

    • We implement the of Action Plan which covers weakness resolution and drives opportunities.
    • We rigorously test all new tools, systems, technology, and marketing strategies.
    • We monitor ROI on all marketing tactics in Beta test mode. It is important to test out marketing tactics before scaling so we don't waste a lot of time, effort, and money. We aim to achieve a minimum 3x ROI on all marketing strategies, but would prefer to stay in beta test mode until we can attain a 5x return on marketing dollars spent.

    Stage 5, Confirmation (C)

    In the Confirmation phase we prove that we have a replicable model that is ready to scale and drive massive growth. We focus our attention on three main areas.:

    • We confirm that all implementations are working properly and firing on all cylinders.
    • We diligently measure and chart your CIN on a monthly basis to confirm that your are spending your time most profitably.
    • We replicate marketing tactics at a more aggressive rate to prove sustainability of ROI.

    Stage 6, Business Modeling & Scaling (BMS)

    In the Business Modeling and Scaling phase you have now proven that you have a successful business model that is ready to scale. It time to turn the crank and watch your business grow. In this phase we will accomplish three tasks:

    • We help you implement a one year marketing plan that details out everything that you are going to do during the year to drive business, with exacting specificity regarding timing and deliverables.
    • We will work with you to create a three year production goal plan that will measure actual vs projected production on a monthly basis.
    • We will deliver your Business Plan, which is the combination of your action plan, marketing plan, and production goals. Your personalized Business Plan will be accessible to you via a web portal for continuous assessment, monitoring and revision.

    Stage 7, Execution (EX)

    The Execution phase is where the rubber hits the road. The best business model in the world will fail without accurate and diligent execution. Your Mentor will be with you to continuously guide you through the QLSM process.  But in the end, your success depends on your desire and ability to follow the model and not deviate from what we have already proven to be successful.

    Stage 8, Accountability (A)

    Our coaching program is designed to develop and execute a scalable business that will deliver massive and sustainable growth to your income. Just like professional athletes use a coaches to achieve their fullest potential, we stay with you for months or even years, to help you reach your full potential. 

    • Your mentor will be with you every step on the way. There is a tremendous amount of time and effort that goes into crafting your business plan, and your mentor will be there to help you stay on course.
    • It is important to create a culture of measuring key business metrics. You will be responsible for having your numbers updated weekly. It is crucially important to focus on the areas that drive success.
    • Your mentor will constantly evaluate your ROI and adjust your marketing tactics as needed.
    • Your mentor will work with you to make sure that you are religiously following all aspects of your business plan.
    • Your mentor will continue to track and monitor your CIN, to assure that you are spending your time doing the things that drive massive growth.
    • You will speak with your mentor at a minimum of once a month to make sure you are on track to meet your goals and make any necessary adjustments to your plan.