Do you currently have an effective drip system to cultivate prospects and turn them into clients?


    The following story is not about financial services, but still extremely relevant.


    Car Buying Fail

    I knew that I needed a new SUV. My old one was getting a little long in the tooth and the mou...

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    One of the biggest mistakes that I see the average financial advisor making is not dedicating the proper attention and resources to keeping their clients happy. 


    Know Thy Client

    Do you really know your clients? I'm not talking about the superficial stuff like salary, net worth, etc. I am ta...

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    How much money should you spend annually on marketing if you want your financial advisory business to grow?


    Why did Coca Cola spend FOUR BILLION dollars last year on marketing? BTW, that huge number represents 11.2% of Coke's entire global gross revenue.


    Coke is a Marketing Icon

    Coke is on...

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    In other words, what is your mission and value proposition, and why does it matter?


    When I decided to write on this topic, the first thing I did was Google "financial advisor" in the county that I live.  

    I was horrified.


    Of the top ten sites as listed on Google, not one...

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    What percentage of your day do you spend doing prospect or client facing activities? 


    All too often I see financial advisors work too hard and come away exhausted and still not find the results that they are looking for.


    The truth is that we only get paid really well to do two things...

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